B2B Services

“Enhance value, quality and effect”

Our B2B business model focuses on partnerships and mutually satisfying working relationships. We specialize in creating formulations using any plant constituent or other organic material. Our current primary focus is on hemp-derived cannabinoids due to the R&D and commercial freedoms made available under the 2018 Farm Bill. Hemp is comprised of over 100+ unique cannabinoids, most of which have yet to be studied. Part of our mission is to study and hopefully use more of them.

We believe that the future of the hemp-derivatives industry goes way beyond "recipes" of CBD. The key to this future fundamentally lies with science in terms of the characteristics of the individual cannabinoids, how they interact with terpenes and other supporting ingredients and finally how they behave in the human body.

It will be an iterative process. We use the knowledge we have now, always erring on the side of safety, and as we gain incremental knowledge we apply it.


Our main B2B business is selling wholesalers and manufacturers bulk quantities of ingredients and shelf-ready products.

Currently, the following liquid products are available to purchase in bulk quantities in 1 liter bottles:

  • Water-Soluble CBD
  • Water-Soluble CBG
  • Water-Soluble CBN
  • Anti-Anxiety Formulation
  • Chronic Pain Formulation
  • Sleep Formulation

The products described as water-soluble are ingredients to be deployed as the buyer wishes. The products described as formulations are shelf-ready products just requiring consumer packaging. We are available to support the use of both our ingredient and shelf-ready products by your customers. 

Customized Formulations

If a client wants a customized formulation, we can either augment or improve an existing product or we can create an entirely new product. We divide our product formulations into two categories: 1) wellness and 2) adult-use, but our standard working arrangements are the same for both categories.

In terms of augmenting a product, non-alcoholic beer is a good example. The client already has a NA beer to which he would like to add a "chill" effect. Cannabinoids, being bitter naturally, can easily be made to pair with beer. In this case, based on input from the client in terms of effect, flavor and bouquet we would prepare samples that could simply be added to a 12 ounce glass of beer for testing.

In terms of improving a product, Delta-8 beverages are a good example. We can replace Delta-8 with other cannabinoids (not CBD, Delta-9 or Delta-10) or even other plant-derived, legal substances that have better effects.

In terms of creating a new product, the sky is the limit. We will give the client the pros and cons of the concept he or she is considering. With new products we like to do something NEW. And for us that generally means creating a new effect that is safe or at least safer and easy to use.

Regardless of the particular formulation being developed, the cost of the R&D phase of any assignment depends on the scope of work involved and is a one-time charge only intended to cover our direct costs. We make money if the client actually proceeds to use a formulation and signs a supply contract with us. 

Special Projects & Partnerships

We have various potential R&D and product development projects for both wellness and adult-use products that we would like to fund.

There is only one FDA-approved drug based on a cannabinoid. It happens to be CBD. There are many scientific, peer-reviewed, published papers describing animal studies involving cannabinoids, but much fewer involving human trials.

The endocannabinoid system and the relative safety of cannabinoids offers the opportunity to use these animal studies as a starting point from which to explore new dietary supplements and potentially FDA-approved drugs with greater freedom than traditional drug development.

We are always open to sharing and discussing ideas that will expand the knowledge and constructive use of cannabinoids. 

Consulting Services

The hemp industry is still young and maturing. As a result, there are products in the market that have ingredients that range from unnecessary to unhealthy to potentially harmful. We are available to provide product reviews and make suggestions to improve, replace or eliminate ingredients while maintaining the intended use of the product.

If it's just a matter of making recommendations and not supplying ingredients or a formulation then a one-time consulting fee would apply.

Enforcement tends to lag regulations, so it is important to self-regulate and keep apprised of how your products pair with not only the state laws and evolving case law related to the 2018 Farm Bill, but also up to date scientific standards. Above all, the safety and satisfaction of the consumer, the ultimate arbiter, is the highest priority.