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Our “clear as water” formulations use a combination of cannabinoids and terpenes mixed in a nano-scale colloidal solution thereby optimizing their bioavailability and effect.

Hemp 2.0

New Generation of Cannabinoid Formulations

Biochemical Phytotech, L.L.C. was formed to create the next generation of hemp-derived products, based on our proprietary formulations, which are built "molecule by molecule" using individual, 99.9% pure cannabinoids plus terpenes and other supporting ingredients depending on the desired effect.

Cannabinoids are hydrophobic, which makes it difficult to create water-based solutions with them that are both clear and stable. The particle size of our colloidal solutions has been scientifically measured and ranges from 5 nanometers for alkaloids to 30 nanometers for lipids.

The significance of having truly nano-scale particles is sixfold: 1) the active cannabinoids go directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the liver on their first systemic pass; 2) achieves a higher concentration of cannabinoids in the bloodstream, which optimizes their effect; 3) achieves a faster-acting effect; 4) facilitates more accurate dosing by avoiding initial processing by the liver; 5) allows for both systemic and topical administration; 6) Lower cost of goods, higher margins. 

Four Core Values

Our formulations are a composite of 99.9% pure, safe ingredients and each batch is tested by a certified lab for ingredient percentage and safety.

We buy our cannabinoids and supporting ingredients from highly reputable suppliers and when necessary we buy unique plant matter and extract the desired constituents at our dedicated lab.

We create formulations to achieve a desired effect. Period. The formulations sell themselves. People's metabolisms and biology vary. Our formulations don't. Each person can expect to have his or her individual experience again and again.

Our goal is to create safe, high quality and effective formulations that the average person can afford, particularly in regard to our wellness formulations. Everybody enjoys relaxing, but those who NEED wellness support are our highest priority.